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Aerial UAV

As a CASA licensed operator of UAV, CADS offers a cost effective alternative to traditional aerial capture services. Our fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAV technology provides an ultra-stable photographic platform that is both safer and more versatile than traditional manned fixed-wing survey methods. UAV capability is at the cutting edge of aerial mapping and filming technology.

CADS is able to provide the following services with our UAV technology:

Industry: Mapping, planning and progress monitoring. Contour modelling and volumetric data. Ortho-photography and as-built surveys. Inspection of difficult to reach structures with very high-resolution capture.

Media: High-end photo and video capture for production companies, marketing agencies, real estate agencies, corporate video production.

Agriculture: Crop health, growth and weed detection using agricultural specific sensors. Infrastructure and stock inspection.

All of these services can replace traditional aerial methods with an increase in safety and efficiency with a reduced environmental impact. If you have any other applications where our aerial capability would benefit your specific need, please contact us.

For very large aerial survey and mapping and areas, we can also arrange manned flight survey solutions.