Services / Hydrographic

CADS Survey provides high precision reconnaissance and pre-construction surveys for environmental monitoring, volume of work calculations, feasibility studies, navigational depth surveys, independent pre/post dredge surveys, river training mapping, coastal erosion mapping, underwater objects search, and wrecks/obstructions.

The highest accuracies underwater are achievable to search and identify objects anywhere on the seabed. At CADS, we can detect objects of 100mm and less.

Ports and waterways in general are subject to siltation and occasional disposal of material, which accumulates on the seabed. This can hamper the navigation of waterways and/or influence the natural flow of water.

Repeatable port, coastal, and river surveys are recommended to help predict sediment flows and environment impacts.

Hydrographic Positioning Services
During the sinking process it is vitally important for all movement to be constantly monitored in all directions.

CADS Survey has developed a technique to monitor the movement of the caisson, whilst maintaining the accuracy of RTK positioning. We can position an object as large as a 5-storey office block within 100mm in near shore conditions.

CADS Survey specialises in:

  • Positioning support and progress monitoring of the caisson placement
  • Precision positioning when floating off, and controlled sinking of caisson
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of the sinking process in geographical terms
  • Positioning of topsides after caissons are settled on the prepared rock bed on the dredged sea floor

Installation on Offshore Construction Vessels
The CADS Survey team has extensive experience with offshore construction vessel installations in Australia and abroad.

Our surveyors can provide in-depth information and solid advice to meet the positioning needs of existing and newly built construction and dredging vessels.

From high precision shallow water environmental dredging to heavy lifting modules offshore, we can provide an effective solution with the accuracy needed to increase productivity and safety on the job.

CADS Survey specialises in:

  • Maintenance and support for construction and dredging process monitoring
  • Installation solutions for excavators, construction crane barges, cutter dredges, hopper dredges, and rock dumping vessels
  • Independent advice for the selection of equipment, hardware, and software

Hydrographic Construction Support
The CADS Survey team can provide daily progress surveys for dredging, subsea rock/concrete modules, and placement. We can also provide monitoring for the settlement of offshore structures, beach pull landings, and pipe laying.

There are no limits to monitoring the activities that take place on a marine construction site as current techniques allow contractors to keep track of their equipment and productivity. Efficiency is improved once you know where you’re working and can visualise the underwater activity.

By visualising and tracking the tools to construct, dredge, demolish, and repair all underwater activities, the individual processes can be controlled and monitored to give insight into efficiencies and increases in productivity.



CADS Survey is a corporate member of the Australasian Hydrographic Society